LF-MD170 Peach Shaped Ceramic Aroma Diffuser

              RGB color changing; Bottom Power button design; Auto shut off; Suitable of all kinds of essential oils.

              • Item No.: LF-MD170
              • Dimension: ?150x151mm
              • Material: Ceramic
              • Gift Box size: 210*210*290mm
              • Units Per Case: 4pcs
              • Master Case size: 435*435*310mm
              • Water Capacity: 100ml
              • 20GP QTY: 2700pcs
              • Mist Vol.: 15±3ml/H
              • 40GP QTY: 5700pcs
              • Run Time: Up to 7 hours
              • 40HQ QTY: 6700pcs
              • Power Input: 24V 12W

              Procuct Features

              1. LED color: RGB color changing; 2. Bottom Power button design; 3. Suitable of all kinds of essential oils.


              The power button is found at the bottom of the diffuser. By pressing this button from the top of the lid to switch on/off or changing color mode.

              Once: Mist ON / Light changing color  

              Twice: Mist ON / To select the desired color 

              Three times: Mist ON / Light OFF 

              Four times: Mist OFF / Power OFF